Blob (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a three-eyed, green, translucent, ill-tempered alien. missile launchers (a weaponized retort to mistletoe) to punish the "naughty" beings. She and her husband, Morris, leave their daughter, Turanga Leela, on the doorstep of an orphanage so she will have a better life after being mistaken for an alien. Professor Farnsworth's former lover when he worked for her. [20] However, in the "Action Delivery Force" segment of "Reincarnation", the Professor is voiced by David Herman. DiMaggio changed the voice and therefore the character. She rejects Fry after learning he does not have a body and is merely a head attached to Amy. As he prepares to leave the bridge, the sliding door malfunctions and goes down halfway. The Season 6 episode "The Prisoner of Benda" reveals that he is in love with his robotic wash bucket, but avoids entering into a relationship with it. He says to Bender, "You ever kill a man with a sock? Brain slugs apparently use this as a method of trapping more "prey", since those beings under brain slug control are driven by the desire to place brain slugs on other beings. Carol "Mom" Miller (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is an aggressive, threatening and Machiavellian bully, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West. Bender simply replies, "No backsies!" Lars als Jungenname ♂ Herkunft, Bedeutung & Namenstag im Überblick Alle Infos zum Namen Lars auf entdecken! The Decapod (named after the actual Decapoda order of ten-footed crustaceans) are an extended parody on Yiddish culture—the bigger joke being that shellfish are not kosher. However, he is cloned, which leads Nixon to call him the "Headless Clone of Agnew". Only members can add HBO and 100+ more channels — no cable required. Guenter (voiced by Tress MacNeille with the vocal effects provided by Frank Welker) is an intelligent monkey experiment made by Professor Farnsworth. He speaks with an English accent and is programmed to beg, sell oil-ade, and write in cute backwards letters on signs. It is revealed in Bender's Game that Professor Farnsworth is Igner's father. Sewer mutants are humans mutated by years of pollution and radioactive waste poured into the sewers under New New York. Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle later informs Fry that the police wanted to look for him, but his parents felt it was a waste of taxpayers' money. They survive and Fanny returns to her husband. [57], Reverend Lionel Preacherbot (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is a preacher at the Temple of Robotology. Alien ruler of Omicron Persei 8 who frequently invades the Earth after being nagged to do so by his wife Ndnd; father of Jrrr. Femputer is revealed to be a fembot operating the giant computer facade from a small control room. In the season 7 episode "The Six Million Dollar Mon", Roberto is arrested when he tries to rob Hermes Conrad and his wife LaBarbara of their skin. It is established in the episode "Mother's Day" that the Professor was once Mom's lover and employee. Their arch-enemy is the Brainspawn. Turanga Morris (voiced by David Herman) and Turanga Munda (voiced by Tress MacNeille) are Leela's father and mother and later on Fry's parents-in-law. In Bender's Big Score, it is revealed that Michelle had been frozen roughly 736 years longer than she had actually intended, a result of Fry (as Lars) using her cryotube to return to the future and be with Leela. [9], Hermes Conrad is a workaholic bureaucrat and the accountant at the Planet Express from Jamaica with a heavy Jamaican accent, known for his 31st-century Jamaican exclamations – for instance, "Sweet manatee of Galilee!". Dr. Ogden Wernstrom (voiced by David Herman) is a former student and now rival of Professor Farnsworth, in the field of science. Hermes is very enthusiastic about the Limbo and was once an Olympic limbo athlete. [19], He is voiced by Phil LaMarr, who states that Hermes, originally named "Dexter", did not have a Jamaican accent at first and was more uptight. Nixon's head is sometimes accompanied by the headless body of Spiro Agnew. Leela is voiced by Katey Sagal. He had an exploding-problem associated with surprise in "Insane in the Mainframe". His first major appearance in the series was in the episode "When Aliens Attack". [16], Hermes is married to LaBarbara Conrad, with whom he has a son Dwight. Assistant to Calculon. She also claims to have a tail. In "Law and Oracle", URL becomes Fry's partner after he joins the police force. Sein Spitzname ist lalle. Tinny Tim (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is an ill-fated orphan-bot with a crutch for an arm and one shortened leg, a reference to Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Businessman, owner of various sporting enterprises. Alien co-anchor with Linda van Schoonhoven of. After he accidentally reveals to the Planet Express crew that he can speak in Bender's Big Score, he forgets to wipe their memory of his intelligence, which it turns out does not affect them much, and from then on he speaks freely to the crew. Groening was interested in exploring the idea of using slapstick comedy and physical humor with a female character, since most of this humor was done by male characters in his previous work, The Simpsons. Philip J. Fry, primarily known by his surname Fry, is the main protagonist of the series. In the conclusion of the episode, Coilette undergoes surgery to become a Manbot again, and Calculon makes a film in tribute to Coilette. Twelve of the orphans were briefly adopted and later returned by Bender—who adopted them only for the government fund checks—in "The Cyber House Rules". Calculon (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is an acting robot renowned for his melodramatic roles and his dramatic speaking style. Only athlete to win gold medals in both. Jemandem der sich keine Namen merken kann sagte er mal: Denk einfach an Lars den Eisbär! After he dies, Cobb wins the award instead of him, making his death pointless. From his first appearance, Kwanzaabot has been voiced by rapper Coolio. He returns at the end of the episode to rescue the Professor and "earn [his] freedom." She manages and owns 99.7% of MomCorp, a large, multibillion-dollar industrial complex with numerous subsidiaries and a monopoly on robot production, as well as being the company that created Bender. Der Name Lars ist die schwedische Kurzform von Lorenz und geht auf das lateinische Wort „laurus“ zurück, was übersetzt „der Lorbeerkranz“ bedeutet. It is run by Mr. Vogel, voiced by David Herman, who takes care of the orphans and keeps all records; he is apparently a bureaucrat grade 135 who has not been promoted since about the time Leela was born. Leonardo "Leo" Wong (voiced by Billy West) and Inez Wong (voiced by Lauren Tom) are the very wealthy parents of Amy Wong. [45][46][47] The episode mainly features the Hypnotoad staring into the camera, occasionally intercut with a laugh track or shots of the exteriors of various locations to indicate a scene change. Many references to the pulp science fiction magazine Weird Tales indicate the Professor may be named in honour of its editor Farnsworth Wright. Her body contains a church bell that rings loudly whenever she moves. Leela's father, a mutant who lives in the sewers. The real-life Gore has said that Futurama is his favorite show. The character is based on the Star Trek captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner. Stephen Hawking (voiced by himself) made a guest appearance in the episode "Anthology of Interest I" as a member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers (VPAR), who guard the space-time continuum. In Simpsonorama, she is eaten alive by one of the rabbit-shaped creatures that breaks into the studio. Flexo first meets and befriends Bender in "Lesser of Two Evils". Nibblonian representative on Earth, actually "Lord Nibbler", who is thousands of years old. Approximately 100 years before the series' timeline, he taught a young (not yet Professor) Wernstrom, whom Farnsworth regarded as a prized student. The technology is crucial to Futurama's connection with 20th- and 21st-century culture since it allows significant figures from the past to make appearances in the series. I made up the title so no student would dare take it"; however, this declaration has not precluded the professor from demonstrating mastery of whatever field of science is convenient for a given episode's plot, as shown in Bender's Big Score when he proclaims, "I can wire anything directly into anything! Fry lacks the delta brainwave, so he is able to repel the Brainspawn when they attack Earth. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is Fry's great (×30) nephew and great (×31) grandson because of time reef paradox. After Hermes thanks him and admits that they had never been friends, Zoidberg callously calls out Hermes for his treatment of him, leaving Hermes impressed with this confrontation. Nicht wie ich nordisch cool, Mein Freund heißt Lars, was für die meisten verwirrend ist weil es so nordisch klingt und er total südländisch aussieht. Towards the end of the film it is discovered that he is really the desert muck leech that lived on Mars, and that Leela welcomed as a pet to prevent his death. The Futurama: Bender's Big Score DVD includes a full 22-minute episode. Calculon decides the only way to win the award is to actually drink the food coloring and die. The Season 6 episode "Cold Warriors" reveals that Wernstrom has been appointed Surgeon General of Earth. Lars Christmas oder Wolf Larsen, wenn er gritzig wird. She has children and used to live in a house with wheels. [37] Nixon's head was included in TV Squad's list of the five best television appearances by Presidents in animated or puppet form. He is an alien originally from what he describes as a "backwoods asteroid." It ain't so hard.". Due to a debilitating, long-term illness, Hawking was unable to speak with his own larynx, but his computer-assisted speech device was a trademark voice in popular culture.[59]. Kwanzaabot and Chanukah Zombie are evidently friendly with Robot Santa, as he calls them for support in Bender's Big Score, and Kwanzaabot invites Bender to join him and the Chanukah Zombie at the B'nai B'rith in "A Tale of Two Santas". This plan fails, as does the rekindled relationship, so Fry leaves her. Gibt es typische Vornamen der Oberschicht? [30] Professor Farnsworth reveals that he had been lying about his age, and is taken to the Near Death Star for retirement. As the official website of Falcon Studios, we offer a huge library of 3800 videos and hundreds of full-length XXX DVDs from the Falcon family of brands. The Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium houses a large number of orphans, including Leela during her childhood. His life as Calculon 2.0 is honored; he watches the ceremony in Robot Hell where his soul resides once more. Bender fulfills a variety of odd jobs at the company, including the head chef, and is also Fry's best friend and roommate. She dumps Fry shortly before he is frozen on New Year's Eve for a man named Constantine (called Charles in "The Cryonic Woman", whom she later marries). Her given name is revealed to be Carol in "The Tip of the Zoidberg". The Dark One (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the main antagonist of Into the Wild Green Yonder. He was first seen in "Crimes of the Hot" at the Galapagos Island Robot Party. Mom has a romantic history with Hubert J. Farnsworth, who worked at MomCorp when he was younger, and she was previously married to Dr. Ogden Wernstrom. Albert and Nina are voiced by Kath Soucie and Sally is voiced by Nicole St. John. He is married to Mrs. (Fawn) Morbo, a member of his species. Precisely what role they play on their respective holidays is unknown. It is revealed in "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV" that throughout his entire time on All My Circuits, he has only ever done one take for each scene. Publicly, she retains the corporate image of a sweet, bustling old woman who often slips into the stereotype of a Deep South grandmother; behind the scenes, she removes her fat suit and emerges as a skeleton-thin, malevolent, and foul-mouthed old crone. The show never reveals the Hyper-Chicken Lawyer's name (or the non-existence thereof); in "Brannigan Begin Again", it is revealed that the Hyper-Chicken Lawyer's species is "hyper-chicken". They are a group formed by the leader, Nudar (voiced by David Herman), and his brothers, Fleb (voiced by Frank Welker) and Schlump (voiced by Maurice LaMarche). He fulfills a comic, antihero-type role in Futurama and is described by fellow character Leela as an "alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler". On the very few occasions he has actual good news, he often opens with "Bad news, everyone!" Fry believes Flexo to be an "evil twin" of Bender, though it turns out that Flexo attempts to stop Bender from stealing the expensive crown from the Miss Universe pageant. I am the Professor! Poses as Leela's adorable pet while manipulating events behind the scenes to avoid cosmic catastrophes. A robot policeman, partner of Smitty, a human. WASHINGTON (AP) — Alex Ovechkin shook off the kind of big hit he's used to delivering and scored the kind of timely, clutch goals he has built his career on. He often says "Eh Wha?" Schreibe jetzt einen Kommentar zum Vornamen Lars! The voice acting of the Robot Devil by Dan Castellaneta has been described as a "bravura performance" on his part. If he is not wearing the hat, he acts like a normal monkey. Enjoys watching Earthican TV, which arrives 1000 years after its broadcast on Earth. Cubert has an epiphany after getting hit on the head, realizing how the starship engines Hubert invented work, allowing them to be repaired while Hubert is incapacitated. Amy Wong works as an intern at Planet Express (supposedly kept around because she shares Professor Farnsworth's blood type, and doesn't notice the Professor's tendency to send his crews on suicide missions). Elzar often uses the phrases "Bam! It is revealed in Bender's Game that the Professor is the biological father of Mom's youngest son Igner — the one whom Mom despises the most. WASHINGTON (AP) — Capitals players and coach Peter Laviolette sounded as if they'd lost after holding on to beat the New York Rangers 5-4 Sunday. The Hypnotoad is a large toad-like alien with pulsating, multicolored eyes, which emits a loud, ominous buzzing noise. They are humans in the 20th century who tended to be absorbed in their own interests (anti-Communism and football, respectively). A large gargoyle, formerly owned by Professor Farnsworth. The Professor often makes mutually contradictory statements just moments apart; this happens especially often when briefing his employees, with the prevailing second statement canceling a much more reassuring first sentence. However, when Fry reads Hermes' mind in Into the Wild Green Yonder, it is revealed that Hermes sees him as "pathetic but lovable". The Gypsy-Bot (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a carnival fortune-telling robot. They are human Martians of Chinese descent who own the entire western hemisphere of Mars (which they claim is the best one) and the Wong buggalo ranch. Bender Bending Rodríguez (designated in-universe as Bending Unit 22, unit number 1,729, serial number 2716057[2]) is a humanoid industrial robot who rounds out the main trio of characters. Bender more than happily locates his son and kicks the child into a vat of lava, causing the Robot Devil to comment, "That was pretty brutal, even by my standards." His first appearance is as a janitor on the Moon in "The Series Has Landed", servicing the machines in the amusement park. He first appeared in the season one episode "The Series Has Landed" in a commercial the Professor made for Planet Express. Although she is not ready for total commitment, Amy is sure that one day she will be. He is a 20th century pizza delivery boy in New York City who, after getting dumped by his girlfriend and being stuck in a dead-end job, is cryogenically frozen on December 31, 1999, waking up 1000 years later just before the year 3000. Zoidberg briefly becomes a hero when he saves Earth from enslavement to his own kind in "A Taste of Freedom". After learning of Fry's inter-dimensional experience, he arranges for him to be kidnapped by the VPAR. Sally has a third ear on her forehead which she is teased about by the other orphans. In his first appearance in "Insane in the Mainframe", he is committed to an insane asylum after he targets the same bank for robbery three times in a row, and is seen killing other robots when escaping that hospital. The Professor teaches at Mars University and has worked for Momcorp on several occasions but spends most of his time inventing ridiculous devices and sending the Planet Express delivery crew on suicide missions. August, 5. Wealthy co owner of the Western Hemisphere of Mars. He becomes smitten with Coilette, who is merely using him for material gain. Im Gegensatz zu einem Linus wird er immer die Nase vorn haben. The Crushinator (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the robot daughter of a farmer on the moon. Zoidberg is named after an Apple II game that series writer David X. Cohen created in high school called Zoid, similar to the game Qix. In Into The Wild Green Yonder, it is said that his operating system is Windows Vista. He first appeared in "Raging Bender" as the owner of the Ultimate Robot Fighting League, and later in "A Leela of Her Own" as owner of the New New York Mets blernsball team. Biographie. [51], Boxy is a crude robot only able to communicate by beeping. Injuries to key defensive players such as Lars and Sven Bender, Lukas Hradecky, and Julian Baumgartlinger made life difficult for Bosz. Fry later sends the Brainspawn and their space station, the Infosphere, into another dimension with a bomb given to him by the Nibblonians. Grade 135 Bureaucrat, warden of the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium where Leela grew up. As the episode ends, he smiles quietly at his burning personnel file and nods, showing him to be proud of his choice. Kif is in a relationship with Amy Wong. Kif is a short and thin green-skinned alien from the planet Amphibios 9. Yivo (voiced by David Cross) is a sentient extraterrestrial being from another universe who appears in The Beast with a Billion Backs. The best plugins and scripts for 3D, VFX and motion graphics software including Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Premiere Pro. Hubert is delighted until he discovers that Cubert's intentions are not as he planned. It became the first of the band's three UK No. Dwight Conrad (voiced by Bumper Robinson in the TV series, Phil LaMarr in the films) is the son of Hermes Conrad and LaBarbara Conrad. Der Schutz Ihrer persönlichen Daten und die Gewährleistung Ihres Rechtes auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung sind uns sehr wichtig. [55] He returns in "Bendless Love" in which Bender briefly dates Flexo's ex-wife, Anglelyne, and impersonates Flexo. He is executed for this crime, but Bender later digs him up and steals his brain circuitry so that Hermes can have it installed in his own head to complete his transformation into a robot. Kwanzaabot and Chanukah Zombie are Robot Santa's Kwanzaa and Hanukkah analogues. He is the close friend of Cubert Farnsworth, and takes after his father in the ways of accounting and bureaucracy. Mein Mann heißt Lars und ist genau am 08.01. geboren,der Knaller. Scruffy (voiced by David Herman) is the Planet Express janitor and a recurring supporting character. He is ultimately defeated and eaten by Zoidberg. He presides over weddings and funerals of robots and humans. Why not?"). He is often depicted as a patient receiving treatment for criminal insanity. However, during their relationship, he was involved in an accident, which caused her to have his head grafted onto her shoulder to save his life. When Mom takes control of all the world's robots to cause an uprising, her sons Walt, Larry, and Igner attempt to get the Professor to seduce Mom and retrieve the remote for the robots. The original design for Randy was very different. Yancy Fry (voiced by John DiMaggio) and Mrs. Fry (voiced by Tress MacNeille) are Fry's father and mother and later on Leela's parents-in-law. 25. He is known to make catastrophic mistakes (such as destroying D.O.O.P. Leela's mother, a mutant who lives in the sewers. Yancy Fry, Jr. (voiced by Tom Kenny) is Fry's older brother in the 20th and 21st centuries. Slim then tries to limbo beneath only for the door to fall and crush his chest. "—either to unveil his latest invention or describe the company's latest delivery assignment, which is usually a suicide mission; he acknowledges this in The Beast with a Billion Backs. She confesses to Fry that she dresses that way to rebel against her parents; in the movie Into the Wild Green Yonder, she tells her father that she wears the sweatsuit because she knew he always wanted a son. A working actor for over 20 years whose jobs have taken him all over the country and the world, Patrick's credits include playing with everyone from Angela Lansbury to Xena. A bending unit from the same assembly line as Bender. Lrrr (/lɜːr/, voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, and always introduces himself as such. The series also follows the relationship between Fry and Leela, as they start off as friends but later develop feelings for one another. He makes another brief appearance in "Attack of the Killer App" in a garbage bin, where he is found by Bender and tells him that bending robots are now obsolete, though he is ignored. Wants Amy to get married and give her grandchildren. ", "knock it up a notch", and "no question". He is part of an alliance called The Trinity, a trio of holiday-themed madmen, comprising himself, Kwanzaabot, and the Chanukah Zombie in the song. Originally, he is depicted with blond hair, but sometimes appears with brown hair. In Futurama: Bender's Big Score, after Hermes was decapitated in a limboing accident, LaBarbara left him (believing as a head in a jar he would not be able to provide for her) and got back together with Barbados, even going so far as to take his last name (Dwight also took his last name), even though they never remarried and Dwight was never adopted. The Hyper-Chicken Lawyer is a parodic cross between "folksy" country lawyers such as Matlock and Atticus Finch with Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn. I appreciated that... Naw I'm kidding. It was eventually decided that having Amy be the mother and reject the children would make her too unlikeable. He was about to marry Leela, until he discovered that a paradox can not be in the normal time line, and decided to cancel the wedding, because he was really a paradox-duplicate of Fry created when the original Fry who had travelled back to 2000 went back a second time to eat a pizza, the original Fry who went back for the pizza freezing himself after a close call with a brainwashed Bender while the one who never did that moved into an apartment above the pizzeria where he worked. Though viewed publicly as a respected hero for his numerous military victories, almost all of these victories are against comically weak opponents (such as the "retiree people of the assisted living nebula" and the "pacifists of the Gandhi nebula") or achieved through tactics that wantonly disregard the safety of his own soldiers. Lars Bender. Datenschutzerklärung. A man who wears a white gown with a large number 9 on it. Leo is one of the primary villains in Into the Wild Green Yonder. Zapp is voiced by Billy West, though he was originally intended to be voiced by Phil Hartman. Lars ist ein starker, liebevoller Mensch, der am Ende den Lorbeerkranz erhält. Entdecke eine große Auswahl an Trikots, Kleidung und Accessoires von Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Soon after first meeting him, Leela has sex with him out of pity. The Robot Devil (voiced by Dan Castellaneta in regular appearances, Maurice LaMarche in "A Tale of Two Santas") serves as the leader of Robot Hell, which is hidden beneath the "Inferno" ride at the amusement park "Reckless Ted's Funland" in New Jersey. Hermes is insecure when Barbados is around, and LaBarbara leaves Hermes temporarily in Bender's Big Score to be with Barbados Slim after Hermes loses his body. Unfortunately, food coloring is fatal to robots. At Lars' memorial service, Bender finally goes back in time once more to transfer the tattoo from Lars' butt to the butt of the Fry in the cryo-tube back in the year 2000. Lars Bender LeBron James Leon Andreasen Leon Balogun Leonardo Bittencourt Leonardo DiCaprio Levent Aycicek Lewis Hamilton Lionel Messi Louis Aragon Louis Armstrong Luiz Adriano ... Lebensgefahr: Frau schubst Kind samt Fahrrad bei Darmstadt auf die Gleise Weiterlesen. In the episode "Hell is Other Robots" (S01E09), Preacherbot encourages Bender to give up his addiction to recreational electricity (i.e. After losing the derby, he promises to "changes" his life. Obsessed with stabbing people in different places with different objects. In Bender's Big Score, he conducts the band at Lars and Leela's wedding.