ARCAL 21/BLUESHIELD™ 6/ BLUESHIELD 7/ BLUESHIELD 8/BLUESHIELD 21/ ALFLUX™ Shielding gas for arc welding. La solución Air Liquide en gases de protección y mezclas para el corte y soldadura al arco eléctrico. ARCAL™ 21. Ar + CO2 8 % ±0,8 %. ARCAL. Allow gas to dissipate to atmosphere. Shield gas for welding processes. Ar + CO2 8 % ±0,8 %. Prevent from entering sewers, basements and workpits, or any place where its accumulation can be dangerous. High quality, simple, proven, efficient, instant delivery gas solutions to fulfil all your welding needs. Hoog produktief MAG lassen van koolstofstaal MAG lassen met volle en gevulde draad Filters Alle producten Verpakkingsmaat ARCAL TM 21 cumple la norma ISO 14175-M20 y está disponible con los mejores modos de suministro que garantizan la calidad, la consistencia y la facilidad de uso. ARCAL™, die Lösung von Carbagas für Schweiss-Schutzgase zum Lichtbogenschweissen. ARCAL : de Air Liquide Liquide oplossing voor beschermgassen en gasmengsels bij het booglassen. ARCAL Reference - Ready-to-weld. ARCAL™. Material Safety Data Sheet Product name Material uses In case of emergency Product and company identification Prepared by ARCAL 21/BLUESHIELD™ 6/ BLUESHIELD 7/ BLUESHIELD 8/BLUESHIELD 21/ ALFLUX™:::: 1. ARCAL™ 21 206009 Country : DE / Language : EN SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking Trade name : ARCAL™ 21, ARCAL 21 ALTOP™, ARCAL 21 SMARTOP™ SDS no : 206009 Relevant identified uses : Industrial and professional. Quality & Consistency. ARCAL™ : a solução da Air Liquide em gás de protecção na soldadura por arco eléctrico Soldadura MAG de aços ao carbono Soldadura MAG com fios sólidos ou … is the simple high performance shielding gas solution for all your arcwelding needs. Composition: Pure argon, compliant with ISO 14175-I1: Argon + CO 2, compliant with ISO 14175-M12: Argon + CO 2, compliant with ISO 14175-M20: argon + CO 2, compliant with ISO 14175-M21: Brand: ARCAL™ Prime: ARCAL™ Chrome: ARCAL™ Speed: ARCAL™ Force Catalog gas products; ARCAL™ 21; ARCAL™ 21. Compliance with ISO 14175 standard and strict control on … Reference Guide: Arcal™ 21 Riferimento SDS: AL.5.8.1 Versione: 6.0 Data di revisione: 19/02/2018 Sostituisce la versione del: 28/05/2015 Air Liquide Italia Service Srl Via Calabria, 31 20158 Milano Italia +39 02 4026.1 IT (italiano) 1/10 Attenzione SEZIONE 1: identificazione della sostanza/miscela e della società/impresa 1. Soldadura MAG de los aceros al carbono Soldadura MAG con hilos y sólido y tubular Soldadura de alta tasa de depósito Filtros Ar + CO2 8 % ±0,8 %. ARCAL TM 21 Issued: May 2014 Revision: 2 Page 3 of 7 Spills and Disposal: Ventilate area. Schutzgas, Schweissen, Lichtbogen, MAG MAG-Schweissen von un- und niedriglegierten Stählen MAG-Schweissen mit Drahtelektroden MAG-Hochleistungsschweissen Catalog gas products; ARCAL™ 21; ARCAL™ 21. A world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 78 countries with approximately 64,500 employees and serves more than 3.8 … Perform risk assessment prior to use. Stop leak if it can be done without risk.

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